Vintage and collectible military tanks are an interesting hobby for many that love war history. Old tanks that have refurbished and kept in good shape provide collectors and museums with a fun story to tell passersby, and make great investments. Some of the oldest tanks available are worth hundreds of thousands, if not millions. Collecting American and British military tanks can be a fun new hobby, or a lucrative trading business. Of course, it isn’t that easy. In many cases owning a tank isn’t legal – even for collecting purposes. However, smaller scale replica tanks are a wonderful way to get a similar product.

How to Find Collectible Military Tanks

Finding a quality military tank is a difficult task, especially since tanks are very hard to come by. Any tanks that are available for sale or distribution are typically given to museums dedicated to history. Many newer tanks (still antique) are either damaged, in use, or not available to the general public. This is where you have to get creative in hopes of finding something quality and authentic.

Another option is to look in other countries around the world. Before doing this you MUST understand the laws in your country regarding military tanks that are for sale. Not abiding by these laws can get you in a lot of trouble, especially if you purchase something illegally or from the black market.

Replicas are often used on movie sets and can become purchasable if you know where to look. Replica tanks are a fantastic way to have a good display without dealing with the hassle of buying a “real” tank.

If you run a reenactment group then owning a tank is permitted under special licensing. Many sellers specifically sell to reenactment groups, and these people are more likely to find a quality tank for historical demonstration purposes. These are not permitted to shoot ammunition.

Also keep in mind that certain types of military hardware is prohibited for sale due to risks associated with the equipment going into the wrong hands of someone with ill intentions.

Building Your Own Replica Tank

If you know how to find the pieces and can afford them, then building your own replica of an antique tank is a wonderful way to have a great collection built. Even if you hire someone else to build you one from scratch, it works out in the long run. These tanks can be sold for hundreds of thousands if developed properly.

What to Do After Buying

After you make a purchase you will need to go through several types of legal procedures. There are plenty of measures that must be taken to ensure the safety of your fellow peers, even if you are buying a collectible item or a replica. Remember that every region and government system will have different laws regarding ownership. Many cities have a ban on armored vehicles, though certain amendments can be made in certain situations on a case by case basis.

Insurance is highly recommended if you manage to obtain a military tank. Insurance policies can cover the cost of a valuable item in the event of theft, damages, or natural disasters. Full insurance coverage is highly recommended.

De-gunning is an important part of legally owning a tank, collectible or otherwise. Your tank is not allowed to be equipped to shoot ammunition under any circumstances. De-gunning can be provided by the government or an expert in armored machinery.

Licenses will need to be obtained to use and own your tank. It must be documented and you must undergo plenty of screening to ensure the safety of individuals.

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